Level 3 Diploma in Business (L3DB) (Part 1)

1. About NCC Education

NCC Education is a UK awarding body, active in the UK and internationally. Originally part of the UK National Computing Centre, NCC Education started offering IT qualifications in 1976 and from 1997 developed its Higher Education portfolio to include Business qualifications, IT qualifications for school children and a range of Foundation qualifications.

With Centres in over forty countries, four international offices and academic managers worldwide, NCC Education strives to employ the latest technologies for learning, assessment and support. NCC Education is regulated and quality assured by Ofqual (the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation, see www.ofqual.gov.uk) in England.

1.1 Why choose this qualification?

NCC Education’s Level 3 Diploma in Business is:

• Regulated by Ofqual and listed on the Qualifications and Credit Framework – Qualification Number 600/6416/X. The Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) is a credit-based qualifications framework, allowing candidates to take a unit-based approach to building qualifications.

For more information see:

• Quality assured and well established in the UK and worldwide

• Recognised and valued by employers and universities worldwide

• The NCC Education Level 3 Diploma in Business (RQF) is an Applied General qualification which allows candidates to demonstrate key transferrable study skills, mathematical competency and applied cultural understanding, particularly in the context of international business, as well as an understanding of the essential concepts of business and economics.


In addition, successful candidates will fulfil the main entry requirements for NCC Education’s Level 4 Diploma in Business or Level 4 Diploma in Business IT, as well as opening up opportunities to access a range of higher education courses or employment. Examples of higher education opportunities include, but are not limited to, progressing to university degrees in Business Management, Marketing, International Business, Accounting and Finance and examples of employment opportunities include roles such as Accounts Clerk, Recruitment Consultant and Accounting Technician.

The Level 3 Diploma in Business syllabus and assessment is suitable for students aged 16- 19 as well as adult learners.

The above purpose is stated in the Qualification Specification, Section 1.1, Page 4. The Qualification Specification is published on the NCC Education website at:

2. Structure of the L3DB Qualification 

Qualification Title, Credits, Units and Level

NCC Education Level 3 Diploma in Business (RQF), 60 credits, all at RQF Level 3.
Total Qualification Time: 600 hours.
Guided Learning Hours: 293 hours.
Candidates must pass all five Units to be awarded the L3 Diploma in Business certificate.

Study and Communication Skills
(20 credits)
Foundation Mathematics
(10 credits)
Culture Studies
(10 credits)
Introduction to Business
(10 Credits)
Introduction to Accounting and Economics
(10 Credits)


Please see Section 5 below for Syllabuses

This qualification is regulated by Ofqual and listed on the Qualifications and Credit Framework – Qualification Number 600/6416/X. For further information see http://register.ofqual.gov.uk/Qualification/Details/600_6416_X

3. Assessment for the qualification

3.1. Assessment objectives

All assessment for the qualification is intended to allow candidates to demonstrate they have met  the relevant Learning Outcomes. Moreover, NCC Education’s assessment is appropriate to the assessment criteria as stated in this specification and is regularly reviewed to ensure it remains consistent with the specification.

3.2. Overview of Qualification Unit Assessment

Unit Assessment Methods
Global Examination Global Assignment
Study and Communication Skills 100%
Foundation Mathematics 100%
Culture Studies 100%
Introduction to Business 100%
Introduction to Accounting and Economics 100%


An examination is a time-constrained assessment that will take place on a specified date and usually in an NCC Centre. An assignment requires candidates to produce a written response to a set of one or more tasks, meeting a deadline imposed by the Centre.

The overall Unit mark is computed from the weighted mean of its components. The pass mark for a Unit is 40%.

NCC Education Centres can provide candidates with a specimen assessment paper as well as a limited number of past examination and assignment papers.

Past examination and assignment papers may be made available only following results release for the corresponding assessment cycle. Results release dates and past examination and assignment release dates can be found in the Activity Schedules area of Candidate Registration Portal, NCC Education’s student registration system.

3.3. Accessibility of Assessment

We review our guidelines on assessment practices to ensure compliance with equality law and to confirm assessment for our Units is fit for purpose.

3.3.1 Reasonable adjustments and special consideration

NCC Education is committed to providing reasonable adjustments and special consideration so as to ensure disabled candidates, or those facing exceptional circumstances, are not disadvantaged in demonstrating their knowledge, skills and understanding.
Further information on NCC Education’s arrangements for giving reasonable adjustments and special consideration can be found in the NCC Education Reasonable Adjustments and Special Considerations Policy.

3.3.2 Supervision and Authentication of Assessment

NCC Education Centres are required to organise all assessment activity for this specification according to NCC Education’s Policies and Advice.

Candidates’ identity and the authenticity of their work is verified and NCC Education moderates all assessment to ensure that the marking carried out is fair, and that the grading reflects the standard achieved by candidates as relevant to the specification Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria. Detailed guidance on this process and how candidate work must be submitted to NCC Education is given in NCC Education’s Examination Guidelines and Moderation Manual. The Moderation Manual also includes full reminder checklists for Centre administrators.

4. Administration

4.1. Assessment Cycles

Four assessment cycles are offered throughout the year, in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Examination dates and assignment submission deadlines are published in the NCC Education Activity Schedule, which is provided to Centres by Customer Services. It is also available on Candidate Registration Portal, NCC Education’s student registration system.

The Activity Schedule also gives the key dates for registering candidates for assessment cycles, the dates when Centres can expect the assessment documentation and, ultimately, the assessment results from NCC Education.

4.2 Language of Assessment

All assessment is conducted in English.

4.3 Candidates

NCC Education’s qualifications are available to those Centre candidates who satisfy the entry requirements as stated in this specification.

4.4 Qualification and Unit Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

For entry onto the NCC Education L3DB qualification, students must:

  •  have demonstrably previously studied in English at secondary school level or have a validscore of 5.5 or above in the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Examination (or equivalent).

The Level 3 Diploma in Business syllabus and assessment is suitable for students aged 16-19 as well as adult learners.

4.5 Candidate Entry

Candidates are registered for assessment via NCC Education’s Candidate Registration Portal system and according to the deadlines for registration provided in the Activity Schedule.

Further details can be found in NCC Education’s Operations Manual.

4.6 Eligibility Period

The maximum period of time that NCC Education allows for the completion of your programme is three years. Please contact your Accredited Partner Centre if you have any queries relating to this.

4.7 Resits

If a candidate fails an assessment, they will be provided with opportunities to resit during the eligibility period.
Candidates may only seek reassessment in a previously failed Unit.

Download Level 3 Diploma in Business (L3DB): Here

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