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Level 4 Diploma in Business (with eSports) (L4DB eSports) – Results and Certificates

6. Results and Certificates

The grade descriptors Pass, Merit and Distinction are awarded by Unit to successful candidates. A Pass is awarded for an overall Unit mark of between 40 and 59. A Merit is awarded for an overall Unit mark of between 60 and 69 and a Distinction is awarded for an overall Unit mark of 70 and above. Candidates who obtain an overall Unit mark of below 40 are classed as failed in the Unit and may resit.

A final qualification mark will be awarded upon successful completion of all units. This is calculated by finding the average mark of all units that make up the qualification. Please note that in exceptional circumstances, NCC Education may be required to change the algorithm to calculate a final qualification mark for a learner in order to secure the maintenance of standards over time. Any necessary changes to this algorithm would be shared with Centres and learners promptly by NCC Education.

Grade Descriptors incorporate characteristics intended to provide a general indication of assessment performance in relation to each Unit’s Learning Outcomes in this specification. The final Unit grade awarded will depend on the extent to which a candidate has satisfied the Assessment Criteria. A qualification is awarded when the candidate has achieved at least a pass in all Units.

After each assessment cycle, results slips are issued (in electronic format) which detail the grades achieved, i.e. Failed, Pass, Merit or Distinction (see Appendix 2). Certificates which contain your qualification grade and pass mark are then dispatched to Centres.

7. Further Information

For more information about any of NCC Education’s products please contact or alternatively please visit to find out more about our suite of high-quality British qualifications.

Download Level 4 Diploma in Business (with eSports) (L4DB eSports) pdf: Here

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